Information About Rehman Foundation Free Dialysis Center

The management, staff, and boards of the Rehman Foundation of Pakistan, will work to assure the healthcare security for their patients in Pakistan, as well as be a trustworthy partner for continual improvement of their health and health care. This includes access to equitable, appropriate, and quality patient-and family-centered health care that achieves desired outcomes, protection of rights and dignity and consumer satisfaction, and dissemination of clear and useful information to assist with healthcare decisions.

An important goal at KidneySolutions is to help patients at risk avoid development of kidney disease. Our dedicated clinics can help patients at risk for kidney disease. If you have a family history of kidney disease, are over the age of 40 years, have a history of diabetes or hypertension, then you are at risk for kidney disease and we can help you. To look after the well-being of needy people stricken with end-stage kidney disease by nurturing hope and confidence to make their lives more meaningful, and to support research that will help prevent, treat and cure kidney and kidney-related diseases.


Cricketer Ahmad 05 Dec 2018, 02:15


Very Good Work , Keep it Up!

Mian Afzal 02 Nov 2018, 05:20

May Allah Bless You Alot Of Blessings & Happiness , You are doing a great job.

Chaudary Adil 18 Dec 2018, 15:20


ay Allah Bless You Alot Of Blessings & Happiness , You are doing a great job. Keep it Up.