In 2003, the management of Rehman Foundation decided to play a vital part for the poor dialysis patients and established an NGO Rehman Foundation to provide free dialysis facilities to helpless patients. According to a research by “WHO” (World Health Organization), Pakistan is now among the top ten countries of the world which are developing renal diseases at reletively a faster pace. One out of every ten citizens in Pakistan is facing some kind of renal problem which is an alarming situation. The Government of Pakistan (despite of all its efforts) is unable to provide health facilities for such a great number of patients who are suffering from renal diseases because of limited health budget. Resultantly, the death rate is tremendously increasing round the clock. The health facilities for dialysis are not sufficient for so many patients in the Government hospitals and health centers. Thousands of people are in a queue since ages, waiting for free dialysis facility in such hospitals. Many of them die because of expensive treatment and inordinately delay in necessary treatment.

Our Mission

Rehman Foundation is playing a great role in Nation’s health. Our Mission is to provide free health facilities all over Pakistan including free dialysis and free treatment of chronic renal failure patients.

Our Vision

Our Values


Dialysis are Conducted Daily


Dialysis are Conducted Monthly


Dialysis are Conducted Annually


Dialysis are Conducted Overall


For the last 16 years, we are running a non-government & non-profit organization named as Rehman Foundation. We are operating free dialysis centers in major cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Jhelum, Islamabad & Faisalabad.