For the last 16 years, we are running a non-government & non-profit organization named as Rehman Foundation. We are operating free dialysis centers in major cities of Pakistan, Lahore, Karachi, Jhelum, Islamabad & Faisalabad.


As you know that in Pakistan different kinds of fatal diseases are spreading day by day, one of them is chronic renal failure. According to Dawn News survey. 26 million people in Pakistan are suffering from kidney problems. According to a research done by “WHO” (World Health Organization), Pakistan is now among the top ten countries of the world where progression of renal diseases is seen at relatively higher pace.  Worse situation is that in Pakistan more than 80% of these patients belong to poor financial background, and worst thing is that they don’t have enough money to even get tests of this disease.


– Hundreds of patients are in a queue, waiting for free dialysis facility from REHMAN FOUNDATION.
– We have the buildings, doctors, dialysis machines, technicians and all other infrastructure.
– To run these dialysis centres in full capacity, we need more than 1000 dialysis kits every month.
– We need 50 donors who can adopt one patient at least. One patient adoption cost per month is Rs. 24,000/= (Rupees twenty          four thousand).
– We need 100 dialyzers to operate smoothly and the cost of such a great number of dialyzers will be approximately Rs 140,000.

We request you to come forward and share the responsibility in any of the following ways:

Dialysis Center Detail

Currently, there are five (05), Rehman Foundation-Free Dialysis Centers working smoothly in different cities of Pakistan. Almost, each and every RF dialysis center is equipped with state of the art medical facilities and well experienced medical & paramedical staff which is serving the poor, helpless and needy patients without any discrimination & prejudice. The comprehensive detail of the free RF-Dialysis Centers is as follows

Message of Chairman

REHMAN FOUNDATION is one of the pioneer N.G.O’s which is providing free dialysis facilities to poor, helpless and needy patients in different cities of Pakistan. It is indeed performing an exceptional and steady facility in the field of free dialysis to helpless people who are suffering from such heinous diseases. This performance is reflective of the hardworking and perseverance of more that 50+ dedicated experts of different fields working relentlessly. Without any doubt I can proudly say that Rehman Foundation is one of the best NGO’s in the recent times who is persistently providing best health care facilities and services for dialysis Patients. This marvelous and continuous performance of better health services can also be credited to various stakeholders’ i.e. laborious, staff and dedicated employees of Rehman Foundation, our valued donors, volunteers and several free contributors who are helping us shoulder by shoulder to run this noble cause successfully. You will definitely be pleased to know that the intensified focus on the health care of needy dialysis patients, it has significantly reduced the number of such patients as well as the burden of Government sector’s hospitals and health care Centers. With the vision and aim to serve the nation, Rehman Foundation is increasing its limits and constructing another splendid and colossal medical hospital soon, with multifarious medical facilities and services where we will be able to, manage the treatment of various type of diseases including state of the at dialysis center. As RF is already maintaining the international health standards i.e. safety measure, health care up-to the mark treatment and focusing in to ensure the “Health for All” strategy. Moreover, Rehman Foundation is consistently setting benchmarks in dialysis treatment in already established dialysis centers. As a chairman/ founder of Rehman Foundation, I am really proud and feel great honor that as team we have proven that once determination is there, and the will to achieve is embedded in the soul, everything is possible. Furthermore, by the grace of Allah Almighty we will continue this struggle to do more for the betterment of poor, helpless and needy people of Pakistan with your help, donation, contribution and Support.

Message of Managing Director

It is said that “Nothing is Impossible”, if you have a determination, true passion and compact courage to perform for any good cause. With the blessings of Allah Almighty, support of our high esteem well-wishers, donors and smart working resources of REHMAN FOUNDATION, we have done our best for the betterment and facilitation of helpless people of our country. This process is continued with true letter and spirit and will proceed with the same thirst In’sha’Allah. Now in 2020, it definitely looks like a big dream comes true in shape of Rehman Foundation. It was a certain journey of challenges, vision and indeed from “Ground to Horizon” as we did take a start from small aim to serve the nation and expanding now with the passage and routine of time, with the endless efforts of my Colleagues, fellows and hardened employees of Rehman Foundation, who always stood first with us to make the dreams come reality. I am very much thankful and profound beholder of them from the core of my heart with courtesy and honor. It is our first and foremost wish to expand the roots and branches of Rehman Foundation to medically facilitate the helpless, needy, deprived and poor people who can not afford the long term dialysis treatment and are unable to meet the immensely high expenditures in this context. Our present high value goal is the rapid construction of Rehman Medical Hospital. Lastly, I must request to, our respected contributors, valued well-wishers, esteemed donors and generous community of this county to play its vital role in noble cause of expanding our dialysis centers with donations and contributions. Allah ma Almighty may bless Rehman Foundation with prosperity and courage to perform best for the poor and helpless people of Pakistan.

Executive Body

Dr. Waqar Ahmed Niaz
Chairman & President

Mian Ulfat Rasool

Managing Director General Secretary

Mian Sharif Zafar
Vice President

Rao Muhammad Aslam
Vice President

Hafiz Israr ul Haq
Finance Secretary

Muhammad Arif Chaudhary
Joint Secretary

Honorary Board of Directors

Dr. Tariq Sharifzada

Yogi Wajahat

Malik Muhammad Shahbaz

Dr. Waqar ul Islam

Mian Muhammad Aslam

Rao Muhammad Zahid

Dr. Khalid Mehmood

Ayub Chaudhary
Saudia Arabia

Chaudhary Zahid Ullah

Mehboob Ali Manji

Muhammad Tariq Awan

Dr. Muhammad Waseem