Rehman Foundation

In 2003, Dr. Waqar Ahmad Niaz has decided to play a part for the poor dialysis patients and made an NGO Rehman Foundation in 2003 to provide free dialysis facilities to these helpless patients.

In Pakistan different kinds of fatal diseases are spreading day by day. One of them is chronic renal failure which has damaged a lot. According to a research done by “WHO” (World Health Organization) Pakistan is now among the top ten countries of the world regarding the progression of renal diseases. One out of every ten persons in Pakistan is facing some kind of renal problem which is a very alarming situation for an underdeveloped country like Pakistan. The Govt. of Pakistan is unable to provide health facilities for such a great number of patients who are suffering from renal diseases because of its limited health budget. Therefore the death toll is increasing day by day. The health facilities for dialysis are not sufficient for so many patients in the Govt. sector hospitals. Thousands of people are in a queue, waiting for free dialysis facility in Govt. hospitals. Many of them die because of this expensive treatment and which they cannot afford.

Our Services

1. In-Center & Home Dialysis

Our staff provide expert, compassionate hemodialysis care in our center or at your home where you will be treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. We are considered among the best dialysis centers in Lagos. We will also soon be providing peritoneal dialysis services to increase the options patients with kidney failure have for their care.

2. Kidney Diseases Management

An important goal at KidneySolutions is to help patients at risk avoid development of kidney disease. Our dedicated clinics can help patients at risk for kidney disease. If you have a family history of kidney disease, are over the age of 40 years, have a history of diabetes or hypertension, then you are at risk for kidney disease and we can help you.

3. Kidney Care

KidneySolutions does not provide donors or donor kidneys to patients seeking to undergo a kidney transplant but can evaluate a donor to ensure the best possible outcome for the patient and donor.

4. Clinical Trials & Research

KidneySolutions has a focus on clinical research on diseases that afflict the patient with kidney disease. Research in anemia, infectious disease (bacterial and viral), Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart failure and emerging technologies in dialysis are specific areas of research interest.

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