In Pakistan different kinds of fatal diseases are spreading day by day. One of them is chronic renal failure which has damaged a lot. According to a research done by “WHO” (World Health Organization) Pakistan is now among the top ten countries of the world regarding the progression of renal diseases. The Govt. of Pakistan is unable to provide health facilities for such a great number of patients who are suffering from renal diseases because of its limited health budget. Therefore the death toll is increasing day by day. Thousands of people are in a queue, waiting for free dialysis facility in Govt. or private hospitals. Many of them die because of this expensive treatment which they cannot afford.


Rehman Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (NGO) established in 2003 with the noble cause of providing free dialysis facilities to the poor dialysis patients. Our vision is to establish free dialysis centers in all the Districts of Pakistan to provide free dialysis facilities to all the needy people.

Establishment of free Dialysis Centers

Rehman Foundation has pledged to provide free dialysis facilities to chronic renal failure patients all over Pakistan. So far 5 Rehman Free Dialysis Centres have been established

1- Rehman Free Dialysis Centre Lahore in 2005

2- Rehman Free Dialysis Centre Jehlum in 2007

3- Rehman Free Dialysis Centre Karachi in 2014

4- Rehman Free Dialysis Centre Islamabad in 2015

5- Rehman Free Dialysis Centre Faisalabad in 2016


- We performed more than 1500 free dialysis monthly in Rehman Free Dialysis Centres.

- More than 90,000 free dialysis performed in last 16 years.

- More than 200,000 free lab tests.


- Cost of One Dialysis is Rs. 2500/= (Rupees two thousand five hundred only)

- One Patient’s One Month Expenditure of 8 dialysis /month is Rs. 20000/= (Rupees twenty thousand only).

Who We Are?

What We Do?

- We collect the applications from needy dialysis patients for their free dialysis.

- We approach the donors for adoption of these needy dialysis patients.

- We offer the donors to meet the patient personally.

- We performed more than 1500 per month free dialysis in 5 REHMAN FREE DIALYSIS CENTRES.

- The per month cost of these 5 dialysis centers is Rs. 4,000,000/= (Rupees 4 million only)

What We Need ?

- Hundreds of people are in a queue, waiting for free dialysis facility from REHMAN FREE DIALYSIS CENTRES.

- We have the buildings, doctors, dialysis machines, technicians and all other infrastructure.

- To run these dialysis centres in full capacity we need more than 1000 dialysis kits.

- We need 50 donors who can adopt one patient. one patient adoption cost per month is Rs. 20,000/= (Rupees twenty thousand only).

- We need dialyzers. Cost of 100 dialyzer is Rs. 100,000/= (One hundred thousand rupees Only)


Dr. Mohammad Ashraf (MD) M.B.B.S

(Consultant Physician)
Dr. M. Nadeem Riaz
(M.B.B.S, MCPS, M.Phil, PHD)
(Consultant Histopathologist)

Dr. Muhammad Aadil

(Consultant Nephrologist)